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Travellers Day Parade
The Travellers Day Parade wends its way past McCabe Agencies, then on the 100 block of 3rd Avenue N - circa 1963

At McCabe Insurance we take pride in our long history as a family-owned business, founded in 1955 by Mel McCabe.

Travellers Day Parade
An integral part of the downtown business community - 1964

Mel was a hard working caring man with a strong work ethic and strong family values. In 1957, Mel McCabe hired a young relative, Ken Hopper, who later became a partner.

Staff Photo 1963
Staff of Norland Real Estate and McCabe Insurance - Left to right; seated Evelyn Schumacher, Bernice Norman, Elsie Zacharias. Standing Ken Hopper, Pat Patterson, Russ Wiley, Ed England, George Norman, Ron Norman, Bill Penner and Aron Zacharias (1964)
Evelyn Schumacher, who is now enjoying retirement, ably assisted the principals for 43 years.

When Mel passed away, at a young age, Russ Wiley joined Ken Hopper as a partner and, with the help of Evelyn Schumacher, they created a thriving insurance brokerage.

Ken HopperToday, Ken Hopper's son, Dwayne Hopper, in partnership with his brother-in-law Jeff Coben, continue to operate McCabe Insurance Services Ltd.

< In 1975, Mel McCabe hired a young relative, Ken Hopper, who later became a partner.

Russ WileyIn keeping with the close personal relationships that have kept McCabe Insurance strong, Jeff and Dwayne share a friendship that dates back to high school. As partners, they share not only a business relationship, but also strong family ties. Both Dwayne and Jeff have two children and, together, the families enjoy summers at Emma Lake. Both Jeff and Dwayne coach ringette and hockey.

< When Mel passed away, Russ Miley joined Ken Hopper as a partner, (optional - both continuing to provide the solid, caring service upon which Mel had established the company.

Though Saskatoon is, today, a large and thriving city, the small-town values of Mel McCabe and Ken Hopper remain. A caller will never get voice mail during business hours. Dwayne, Jeff or office staff Linda Esakin or Tania Kolodziejski will answer the phone. Every question or request, large or small, is important. All of McCabe's experience and care create a comfort level for our customers. They know that they and their possessions are in good hands.

"I think my father would be proud"

"There has been a real continuity in this company. I worked with dad for two years before he retired and I learned a lot from him - not just in those two years, but also throughout my whole life. That's a legacy I value. We always got along well. He was a very caring gentleman. Sadly, he has passed on, but his memory still lives in everything he stood for. I still get people coming in and saying, 'You still remind me of your dad.' That's one of the best compliments I can get. I always wanted to make my father proud."

Ken Hopper Good Sport
Ken Hopper was certainly a good sport!

"It's interesting how dad became a part of the company. In his mid-twenties he went to the bank to get a car loan and was rejected. So he went to Mel McCabe, a senior family member, and asked if Mel could lend him the money. The pragmatic Mel McCabe answered, 'If I'm going to lend you money, I want to know where you are getting your income from, so you had better come and work for me.' And he did. The rest is McCabe history."

"McCabe has always been downtown - always on 3rd Avenue. In the 50s we were a small company and we have grown with Saskatoon. We sell every type of insurance. We're a broker, dealing with three different providers - SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance), Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance and Wawanesa Mutual Insurance. Each company has different rates for different types of insurance and we shop these three companies to procure the best rates for our customers."

"We get new business by word of mouth and also by people dropping in to a convenient, downtown spot to do motor licensing and, often, the next thing we know they are coming in to switch everything over. The biggest thing is to treat people, as you would like to be treated. It's as simple as that."

"It's good to have Jeff as a partner. He is both a friend and a partner I can trust. We work together, we've raised our families together and we socialize together. Together, the family remains strong and the family-owned business, McCabe Insurance, goes from strength to strength, continuing to provide a service to our customers that I know my father would be proud of."

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