At McCabe Insurance Services we are committed, first and foremost, to customer care, providing packages that make sense for you, while keeping you sufficiently protected, at the most competitive rates. It's simple. We do the right thing. We do it promptly. We do it with care. From choosing the insurance that's right for you to making a claim, should you need it, we are here for you, every step of the way.

We offer a full range of insurance coverage, tailoring your insurance package to meet your needs.

When you choose a package, we explain exactly what is covered, so that there are no surprises. And always remember that there are no "stupid questions." In fact when someone says to Dwayne Hopper, "I've got a stupid question." He replies, "Good. I'm in charge of stupid questions."

As an insurance broker, we deal with three established providers - SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance), Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance and Wawanesa Mutual Insurance. Each company has different rates for different types of insurance and we shop these three companies to procure the best rates for our customers.

Insurance becomes important only when you need it and then it proves to be one of the best investments you have ever made.


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